The Company

Vault Parking Systems (VPS) is a German GmbH company with registered offices in Berlin. In 2005 the company started its business trading as European Parking Systems and later rebranded as Vault Parking Systems. It supported the development of new technology which would permit greater parking densities and more efficient parking garages for use in some of their parent companies proposed developments.

The Board of Directors comprise a Team of business people with strong German and International experience in the fields of automation, design, construction, real estate and banking. Their common belief that sustainable new technologies provide the pathway for a cleaner environment led them to create Vault Parking Systems.

Together with its partners, Vault Parking Systems developed a new type of overhead technology for which they obtained a patent in July 2008, German Patent Certificate No. 10 2006 048229. VPS and its partners successfully competed in an open competition to develop this automated technology for use in an underground storage car park for BMW at their flagship showroom at ‘BMW-Weld’ in Munich. This project marked the launch of the Vault Parking Systems series of automated car parking systems.

After the onset of the Global economic downturn in 2008 and the resultant market uncertainty the Board of Vault Parking Systems put on hold the building of a second Car park in Germany.

However, the Board decided to further advance the development of the technology and together with its partners invested in the refinement and expansion of their automated car park design and are now preparing to go back on site.

Vault Parking Systems believe that as a direct result of this decision they have now refined and improved their leading edge design and technology and have built a Team of Designers and Management who can deliver solutions to almost every parking problem. With many years of experience in realizing developments, VPS can provide a complete and unrivalled service in delivering your automated car park solution.

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