The over-ground or above grade solution



As the name suggest the EndVault180 is designed for entry to the car park on one end and exit from the car park at the opposite end, with vehicles parked in the shelf arrays of the Vault at 180o to the central axial ETV aisle.  

Suitable for incorporating into existing buildings or on new build with a structural mild steel frame the EndVault180 incorporates the same ETV and similar separate entry and exit cabins as the TopVault180 underground system.

The Vehicle is driven into the spacious Entry Cabin and onto the pallet, it is transferred sideways onto the ETV which delivers the vehicle to the parking bay in the shelf array of the Vault. 

When retrieval is authorised the vehicle is taken from the shelf array by the ETV and transferred to the Exit Cabin for collection.  

The EndVault180 is particularly suited to buildings which have dual frontage and access/egress is via one-way traffic systems.

The EndVault180 was initially designed as a solution for a functional storage and display facility for a major car dealership. The vehicles enter from a narrow service yard, are displayed in a single six storey aboveground Vault, well illuminated, with the option of façade glazing, vehicles exit through the feature exit cabin in the showroom.  

This solution may also be particularly suited to Hospital and Education environment where parking needs to be optimised and the most economical solution is necessary.The EndVault180 can also be constructed partly below ground.

Features of EndVault 180

  • Vaults are scalable in height and length to provide a variety of parking solutions.
  • Vaults have separate entry and exit cabins that allow independent and quicker parking and retrieval turn-around.
  • Ideal in a feed-in/feed-out system.
  • Suitable for use in new build or in conversions
  • Capacity to accommodate multiples of vehicle spaces than a surface car par; i.e in a plot with a footprint of 61.00 x 7.50m a conventional car park can accommodate 25 vehicles, in the End Vault180 a total of 136 vehicles could be parked over seven levels.
  • Building facades can be constructed to allow visual display.
  • Off-site fabrication can greatly reduce on-site construction time. 

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