The Underground Sustainable Solution



The TopVault180 is designed for entry to the car park at one level, either at street level or ramped into a basement where the vehicle proceeds to a selected entry cabin, the vehicle is parked in the shelf arrays within the underground Vault at 180o to the central axial ETV conveyor aisle. When retrieved the vehicle is delivered into a separate dedicated exit cabin. 

Suitable for incorporating into existing buildings or on new build with a structural mild steel frame the EndVault180 incorporates the same ETV and similar separate entry and exit cabins as the TopVault180 underground system.

On entry to the car park the vehicle is driven into the spacious Entry Cabin and onto the pallet, after authorisation the vehicle pallet is engaged from below by the ETV conveyor which delivers the vehicle to the parking bay in the shelf array of the Vault. 

When retrieval is authorised the vehicle is taken from the shelf array by the ETV and transferred to the Exit Cabin for collection.  

The TopVault180 is particularly suited to developments which require the parking to be consolidated in sustainable underground car parks. The number of Vaults required in a car park is determined by the overall parking requirement, the use category and demand profile and the speed of parking and retrieval and is dependent upon the site/plot size and the underlying ground conditions. 

The TopVault180 was initially designed as a solution for a residential development where all parking was mandated to be in underground garages. Instead of building a basement car park under each block of apartments the developers invited Vault Parking Systems to provide a solution to consolidate the parking into a car park under one building only. See below for details of this solution.  

Vault Parking Systems was invited to further developed TopVault180 to provide solutions for a consolidated airport car hire hub, for mixed use parking (airport long term, office and car hire) and for large residential developments.

Features of TopVault180

  • Vaults are scalable in height and length to provide a variety of parking solutions.
  • Vaults have separate entry and exit cabins that allow independent and quicker parking and retrieval turn-around.
  • System can be designed to accommodate large numbers of vehicles.
  • At entry floor level much of the footprint can accommodate other uses, e.g. commercial area, stores, bicycle parking, oversized vehicle parking bays.
  • Consolidates parking to allow more sustainable use of valuable real estate resource.
  • The shelf array reinforced concrete support walls and Vault division walls act as structural support for any over-head building. 

Relevant Solutions

Case Studies

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