What we do

Vault Parking Systems works across the entire automated car park value chain, including project design, financing, procurement, construction, operation, and management.

In response to our clients requirements we provide the following service packages:

Design, supply, install and commission

In conjunction with the Clients design team, Vault Parking Systems can complete the design of the car park including all associated structures, access routes, systems and controls, and under the supervision of the General Contractor can install the selected automated car park system.

Turn Key: Design, Build, supply, install and commission

Vault Parking Systems can employ the services of our own Design Team in completing the car park design, and can also undertake the construction of the car park structure including the supply, installation and commissioning of all associated elements to deliver a fully operational and tested facility.

Design, Build, Finance and Operate

In certain circumstances, Vault Parking Systems can also arrange development finance to complete the development of an automated car park and fulfil all operational requirements for a defined period.


Vault Parking Systems can provide consultancy services to Clients to advise on the suitability of our automated parking systems in their developments.

Feasibility Study

Vault Parking Systems can carry out a desk-top feasibility study of a proposed site to determine the suitability for our automated car park systems.