Features Comparison



Conventional Multi-storey v’s VPS Car Park


Conventional Multi-storey Car Park

Vault Parking Systems


Access roads at all levels

Access roads at surface level only


Public Access and Emergency Stairs at designated access routes

No public access stairs, stairs to Vaults only for service access


Lifts required for public access

No lifts required


Access Ramps between levels

No access ramps


Access Lighting at all levels and routes

Access lighting at surface level only; task lighting only in Vaults for service and maintenance


If enclosed, ventilation required for removal of vehicle exhaust fumes and provision of fresh air

Only token ventilation required for residual vehicle exhaust from Vaults


Parking levels can be isolated and patrons can feel unsafe

No isolated locations, patrons access surface level only.


Vehicle theft from car park can sometimes be problematic

No possibility of theft of vehicle from a Vault


Theft from vehicles can often be an issue

No possibility of theft from vehicles in Vault


Extensive security cctv system may be required covering all floors

Cctv at surface level only


Expensive cleaning on all levels

Cleaning on surface level only


Floor heights must accommodate pedestrians and services

No pedestrians or service interruptions, accommodates vehicle heights only


Structural walls and columns impede circulation and parking causing difficulty for drivers

Drivers do not access the parking Vaults so no difficulties with structure


Vehicles driving around car park emitting noxious fumes and increase CO2 emissions

Vehicle engine switched off in entry vault so there are no CO2 during the parking process


Scratches and scrapes from other vehicles is a relatively common occurrence

No possibility of damage from other vehicles


Requires dedicated disabled parking bays

All parking entry and exit cabins fully comply with universal access requirements with no further demarcation of universal access provisions


Management, Staff operating and security costs can result in higher running costs

Much reduced management, staff operating and security costs


Public indemnity insurance costs can be significant, reflecting possible liabilities

Less areas for public access should be reflected in lower insurance premiums


Taxes and charges based on floor area can amount to substantial sum

Much reduced floor area should yield greatly reduces liability for floor area based taxes or charges. Vehicles parked on ‘shelves’ are not considered floor area for the purpose of taxes and charges


From time of entry into car park to time of exiting car park after parking of vehicle can be quite lengthy

Time taken to park vehicle in entry cabin and authorise parking process is usually much less