The Vault

The Vault is the secure structure in which the cars are parked or stored in a shelf array system whereby multiple rows of compartments are arranged vertically which are used to store vehicles.

Multiple Vaults can be designed to make best use of the site layout and to optimise the parking solution. Depending on the solution required, up to twenty vehicles can be parked end-to-end each side of the central ETV aisle. That is forty cars per level per Vault. The number of levels required is dictated by the desired number of parking spaces and the geology of the underlying sub-strata. Up to nine levels can be accommodated. 

The combination of height and length of a Vault will dictate the numbers of vehicles that can be accommodated and the required average speed of vehicle parking and retrieval will help decide the overall size of the Vault.

The Vault can be incorporated into the sub-structure of a building or a stand-alone underground structure constructed from reinforced concrete or an over-ground structure employing a simple steel frame with a selected architectural envelope.

Each Vault functions independently of another and in the case of loss of power, emergency back-up generators are used to ensure that the units continue to function.

Systematic maintenance can also be carried out on individual Vaults without the need to shut down the entire parking system.